We Are Live with Epic!


On Saturday, December 5, at 6:30 am, Southern New Hampshire Health officially went live with Epic!

An integrated health care system like SolutionHealth requires a single technology platform. Now, both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health are on Epic—the gold standard for the industry. Coming together on one EMR allows SolutionHealth to truly work as one system. One Patient. One Record. One Solution. All designed to improve the provider and patient experience.

Going forward, all SolutionHealth patients, whether they receive their care in Nashua or Manchester, have access to SolutionHealth MyChart. One unified medical record comes with many benefits to both providers and patients:

  • The record is shared between all providers who see the patient, so specialists can see what lab tests have already been ordered, can view test results, etc.
  • When visiting the Emergency Department, the care team, who might be meeting a patient for the first time, has quick and easy access to the record.
  • Patients can access and verify their medical history, medications, and allergies via the online patient portal called SolutionHealth MyChart. The portal will also allow patients to pay their medical bills electronically.
  • Having a single record, rather than multiple paper records, improves patient safety during transitions between care, such as when seeing a primary care provider after a visit to the Emergency Department or surgery.

Congratulations to our colleagues who have put in countless hours preparing for this milestone. This has truly been an EPIC journey!