Help is Just a Phone Call Away During the Holidays


With the holidays here, and a new year just around the corner, for many, it’s a time for reflection, joy, family, and a look toward things to come. However, for many people, the holidays are stressful and difficult. This time of year can lead to increased use of drugs and alcohol. COVID-19 has amplified this trend – whether it’s due to financial strain, isolation from loved ones, or loss of a loved one.

It’s important to be reminded that no one is alone, and that help is always available. The Doorway program is a statewide initiative that provides comprehensive addiction services to residents experiencing substance use disorder. At The Doorway in Nashua, we stand by to help in a number of ways. People who are seeking support can walk in, call 603-402-2056 to make an appointment or dial 2-1-1, or they may be referred to us. The need is great across our state. During 2021, we served 615 individuals. We also help family members who are concerned and need information to decide how they might be able to help a loved one.

Once we have worked with someone to develop a plan or to implement treatment, we stay in contact for a year to provide assistance during recovery whenever it’s needed. We are committed to seeing people through on their journey to sobriety and wellbeing.

Over the coming weeks, and any time, please know there is help. Don’t be afraid to reach out. We are always ready to answer the phone. Please also remember that we don’t know what is happening in the lives of the people around us. Be kind, as someone you know may be struggling.

On behalf of our team at The Doorway in Nashua, we wish you a happy, healthy, and bright holiday season.

By Kristin Makara, Director of the Doorway, Greater Nashua

A practice of Foundation Medical Partners, Southern NH Health