EHS: Raising Spirits!


Certified child life specialist (CCLS), LacyJane Cremmen, met with an eight-year-old patient named Lily to provide therapeutic play and activities at the bedside to promote coping with her hospitalization in the pediatric unit at Elliot Hospital. So impressed with her care, sweet little Lily decided she wanted to create a music video to thank all of the staff who helped her feel better. LacyJane ran with this idea reaching out to essential staff who remain on the frontlines of the hospital to share a snapshot of the incredible teamwork and passion of the staff. This short video is an expression of appreciation and the hope that our Elliot team is inspired and even more motivated to keep up the great work they head into the next few weeks with all that is to come in the middle of this pandemic. Last but not least, it is a reminder that we are in this together! #ElliotStrong