Southern New Hampshire Health Elf Hunt: Week One Winners


During the month of December, every weekday, Southern New Hampshire Health will be hiding an elf who looks a lot like a member of our leadership team! The first one to find the elf of the day and snap a photo will win a prize!

If you’d like to participate, here are the rules:

  • 1 elf will be hidden in the Medical Center
  • 1 elf will be hidden at an offsite location
  • The person who finds the elf must take a selfie with the elf
  • Text or email your selfie and contact information, including name and department, to:

Holly Hudson, Executive Assistant, 603.785.4167 or

Each Monday during the month of December, the winners for the previous week will be announced.

The winners for the week of December 1 to 4 are….