The Elliot Emergency Department Celebrates Hardworking Staff and Providers


The week of October 10-16 is National Emergency Nurses Week and, at The Elliot Emergency Department, the contributions of all staff and providers are being celebrated. The Elliot ED currently serves an average of 160 patients each day, and it is recognized as the entry point to our ACS Level II Trauma Center and for their Pediatric Emergency Department.  In addition to providing expert care for patients across the lifespan with acute to critical injuries and medical conditions, the ED assists those who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis and/or substance use disorder.  There is much pride among the staff and providers at the Elliot ED around the diversity and quality of care they provide to the community, as well as their comradery.

Michael Willinksy, Paramedic, said, “I have been a Paramedic for 32 years, and I have been with Elliot’s Emergency Department for five years. It’s important to me to help people. What I like the most about my job is meeting patients and their families. I enjoy making their day better in some way, big or small, and helping them to have a positive experience.”

The focus on teamwork and support for each other are part of the staff experience every day in the Elliot ED.

“What I love about my work is the challenge and our close team,” said Kara Powers, who has been a nurse in the Elliot Emergency Department for seven years. “I know that the work will push my limits. If ever I need help from the team, they are always there.”

“Our team in the Elliot ED always works together. I love providing patient care, and we always get it done. I live close to another major hospital in New Hampshire, and incentives are being offered at other places in this market, but I won’t leave The Elliot. I love the people in our department. We are family,” said Lisa Cutrer who has been with Elliot ED for 15 years, and serves as an ED Tech.

Incredible teamwork and support for each other in the department were echoed by Rachel Corson, who has served in the Elliot ED for 18 years, and Stacey Hornung who has worked in the department for 12 years.

To our Emergency Department employees: Thank you for all that you do for our patients, our communities, and The Elliot!

Stacey Hornung

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