National Neurodiagnostic Week: Elliot Revamps EEG Room to Make Kids Feel Safer and More Comfortable!


All week long we have been honoring and recognizing the amazing Neurodiagnostic technologists across SolutionHealth and their work to make our patients feel as ease.

Recently, The Neurodiagnostic Technologist Team revamped their EEG room, located at Elliot Neurology Associates, to help make their patients more comfortable, feel safe, and further trust their providers. The room was revamped from a jungle theme to an ocean theme. They had the jungle theme for years and wanted to brighten up the space to make it more fun.

“We see a lot of kids in the department and having an EEG study can be scary. The EEG team prides itself on making kids feel safe and comfortable. The updated bright colors and kid friendly themes make the procedure a little less scary,” Holly Workman, Practice Manager of Elliot Neurology Associates, explains.

This room is used for Electroencephalogram (EEG) – which checks brain activity. Those are typically performed when questioning seizure or epilepsy disorders. They can also help identify other disorders such as head injuries and sleeping problems.

“The change to our EEG room will make these procedures easier and more calming on kids. Parents have said our team and the experience puts them at ease when they see how calm their kids are during the procedure. Adults love the themes too! You don’t expect it because the office is set up like a traditional medical office but once you turn the corner, it’s like a new world once you enter the EEG room! It makes the experience less daunting as patients are already nervous about the results awaiting them. We love seeing patients leave with smiles on their faces and making their day a little brighter,” Workman adds.