Take Part in This Year’s Patient Experience Week Challenge!


All week long we’re celebrating Patient Experience Week across SolutionHealth! Join in on the celebration by completing these daily challenges to continue make every patient experience a positive one.

Monday, April 26:

Acknowledge every family, patient, guest or visitor you see with a warm smile, make eye contact, say “hi.” Kick it up a notch and challenge yourself to say “good morning” to 10 people during the first 30 minutes of your work day.

Tuesday, April 27:

Thank your patients/families by saying, “Thank you for trusting us to care for you and your healthcare needs.”

Wednesday, April 28:

Make it a point to treat every patient, family, andcolleague with courtesy and respect today and every day!  Greet them, offer to help, provide a positive, professional and prompt response, actively listen, and focus on every person. Be present.  Ask one patient, family, or colleague today what we can do to make their experience even better.

Thursday, April 29:

Commit to answering every phone call using the following standard Guidelines: (remember to smile, callers will hear it in your voice J )

  1. Answer using a professional/pleasant greeting
  2. Identify yourself by name to the caller
  3. Identify the unit/department/location you are answering the phone for
  4. As appropriate, ask how you can be of assistance

Friday, April 30:

Thank five colleagues for all that they do to improve the overall experience of our patients, their loved ones and our staff.

We thank all staff at Southern New Hampshire Health and Elliot Health System for giving our patients a positive experience with us every day!