Announcement – Formation of SolutionHealth Equity and Inclusion Council


Dear Colleagues,

As a country, we are becoming increasingly aware of the gap between our ideals and our current state. As health care providers, it is vital that we work deliberately to effect change and try to close that gap. In order to do that, we must strive to meet the needs of our community members—each and every member. Just as we work every day to be safer, improve quality, and grow our services, we should strive every day to do more to champion equity and inclusion, both within our system and within our region as a whole.

To organize and focus our efforts, we are forming the SolutionHealth Equity and Inclusion Council. We will ask Council members to help chart a pathway for us to be, and do, better—to contribute more to reduce health disparities in our communities. We are inviting employees, providers, and Board members to join the Council.

We will also be working with the Disparities Solutions Center (DSC), led by Massachusetts General Hospital, in order to accelerate our work by learning and collaborating with others who are striving to eliminate disparities and promote equity. The DSC has been in existence since 2005 and has developed many tools and leadership programs that we believe will be helpful as our Equity and Inclusion Council embarks on this vital work.

Please share your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations on our Equity and Inclusion Council formation page on Solution Health HQ. If you would like to participate in the Council, please send an email to

Sherry Hausmann
President & CEO