Schedule Your Flu Vaccine Now! All SolutionHealth, Elliot Health System, and Southern New Hampshire Health Staff Required


To comply with the organization’s mandatory Influenza Immunization Policy (posted on The Pulse and on IKE), all employees, volunteers, employed and affiliated providers, contracted/agency staff, and students are required to be immunized annually against seasonal influenza before the deadline of 4 pm, October 30, 2020. This decision was and remains supported by leadership. Both the Manchester and Nashua campuses will be providing vaccination without cost although you may receive vaccination elsewhere as soon as vaccine is available. Please see your campuses flu schedule for dates and times flu vaccination will be available.

During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to receive your flu vaccination timely to protect your health and prevent the spread of infection to loved ones, co-workers, and the patients we serve. Employee Health will be offering various dates and times in which employees can get vaccinated at both the Manchester and Nashua campuses.

In keeping with COVID-19 safety measures we will require employees to sign up for a date and time for flu vaccination so that Infection Prevention measures and social distancing can be maintained. There will also be other opportunities to be immunized so please refer to your campuses flu vaccination information located on the home intranet page (IKE and The Pulse). You will also find the vaccine FAQ document and other supporting materials.

Those who have received their flu shot elsewhere must provide documentation stating vaccine name and manufacturer, lot number, date it was administered, the date the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet) was given to the individual, and name of the office and title of the health care provider administering the vaccine. Pharmacy receipts (CVS, Rite Aid) that do not have this information will not be accepted.

Staff members who are requesting a medical or religious exemption must provide appropriate documentation to Employee Health. Please follow your specific campus instructions for providing the appropriate documentation which can be found on EHS “IKE” or SNHHS “The Pulse” intranet sites.



We are “all in this together” and during these difficult times we appreciate your cooperation and compliance with this very important program. Your health and safety is our priority and we want to do everything we can to protect the health of our staff and our patients.