SO many of us have been witness to or beneficiaries of the amazing collaborations and individual and collective efforts to reshape our system’s operations and functions in response to COVID-19.

From the “round the clock” assistance of IT to engineering, safety and security teams who have helped with signage and redirecting patients and visitors.

The collaborations between providers, IT and our operational leaders and business teams that have stood up telehealth in record time – to assure patient care can continue.

If you have stories or acknowledgments to share, please submit your entry via the Share with Us option. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to highlight the contributions and efforts across our organization as we rise to meet the current challenge.

“When I talk to a lot of the patients, they say how much they appreciate the Elliot and they love the employees. They want us all to stay safe. They also want to thank us for all we do.”

– Elaine Koza

“Really great things happening. I had a specimen to drop off yesterday…typically drop it off at the main hospital.  I was surprised to see the hospital visitor shutdown in place.  The signage was good and told me what labs were open.  I went to 17 Prospect and was processed quickly and in a friendly professional manner at the entrance.  Later that day, I had an appointment at 10 Prospect and a successful repeat of the process.  I was impressed at how quickly the protocol was changed and the training done to make it work. Congrats to you and your team.”

– SNHH Board Member

“I’d like to acknowledge Jareth Healey-Scheltinga in ITS for setting up countless employees to work remotely, taking calls and answering countless emails during and after work hours, being calm and patient with questions, requests, and changing needs. I appreciate your hard work Jareth!”

– Craig Wilson

“The payroll team would like to recognize an inspiring response and send along a huge thanks to Hollie Hudon for her willingness to assist the payroll team with paycheck distribution at the Medical Center during the COVID-19 outbreak. To learn that Hollie was willing to step up and perform this task for us was a huge relief for us.  It resolved our team’s logistical concerns and allowed the employees at the Medical Center to receive their paychecks in the manner to which they were accustomed, providing some normalcy during this period where immediate change is or will be required. Our deepest appreciation to Hollie, as we will always remember how she stepped up to help us and our fellow team members at the Medical Center!”

– Craig Wilson

“George Marguis, Manager of Service Integration is fielding the inbox for CVD Remote Access since its creation.  The department I work with like many others needed to get as many staff as possible up and running remotely and quickly.  Full disclosure, I am not much of an IT expert so I needed quite a bit of help especially considering the size of the department.  Since Tuesday, March 17, I have sent George 48 emails of varying complexity.  George answers every email within the hour, forwarding for set up and finding answers.  There have been a few times that he’s put me in touch with another IT staff member for help. 

Because of George we were able to quickly work through several snags in the process, field technical questions and keep the initiative moving.  George is patient and professional and has a full understanding of what is at stake here.  The department has transitioned 57 staff members remote in a short period, best of all they are safe and producing work.

I stopped to consider his plate of work right now, I am by far the only department emailing him yet he makes me feel as though my email is the only one.  George has been what I feel to be the embodiment of Solution Health’s values and wanted someone to know this.”

– Paula Cyr