Husband of SNHH Patient Sends Thank You Letter to Staff


The husband of a patient at Southern New Hampshire Health is thanking staff for the care they provided to his wife. He asked that we share this as he wasn’t able to say thank you to everyone who helped care for his wife during her stay. Thank you to everyone involved in making this family feel at ease during a scary time and for providing excellent care! #HeroesWorkHere!

Dear Southern New Hampshire Health,

I wanted to take a moment to thank the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center staff that attended to my wife during September from her admission at Emergency, through ICU and Critical, to the third floor. She was admitted in a very serious condition. I cannot thank SNHMC staff enough for the way they took care of my wife.

Dr. Levinson was called in for Critical Care. While I did not understand all that was happening, I was very emotional about what I thought was taking a long time for my wife to recover. However, Dr. Levinson’s results over time demonstrated to me that he clearly had the situation well in hand through a very trying process. It was not easy for me to see my wife in this condition. The staff were patient with my calls throughout the overnights, with my visits, questions, and concerns.

It has been a week since she was released from SNHMC care and I still get emotional as I write this to you now. My wife and I have been together for 27 years and I literally cannot imagine my life without her at this point. Our teenage Daughter is grateful as well for the care her mom received. She was not able to see her for two weeks during her stay at SNHMC because of visitation restrictions. It was great to finally have them back together again at home.

Please ensure that your staff is aware of our thankfulness for the professional treatment that they provided to my wife. I know they have difficult and busy schedules at work and in their own personal lives but, they didn’t let those interfere with their care. Unfortunately, I cannot remember each of the staff by name there were so many involved with my wife’s care. However, I sincerely appreciate each one of them and the work they are doing for people like my wife.

-From a grateful husband