Who Would You Like to See Featured on HQ?!


Have you ever wanted to nominate one of your fellow peer’s to be featured on SNHHQ? Now is your chance!

We are now taking nominations for employees to be featured in upcoming SNHHQ posts including Q&A, In the Elevator, and more!

Comment below with your nomination or submit it through the ‘Share with Us’ callout/link!

We can’t wait to see your nominations!



  1. deNicola Breast Center
    I would like to nominate Dr. Mike Deleo in Radiology or even the Radiologist Group. As a former floor nurse on 3west I would speak to the radiologist on the phone about the results of my patients’ test and see their names on reports. I feel that seeing a face and seeing who the radiologists are, since they are in tucked away in the radiology department gives it a more personalized feel in knowing who we are collaborating with in our patients care. Since this is a fairly new group (3 years in the making), I think it would be a great idea to highlight them! Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I think highlighting Dr. Deleo would be beneficial since he is our top Breast Radiologist!

  2. Foundation OBGYN
    I’d like to nominate Sarina MacDonald at Foundation OBGYN.
    She is phenomenal with her patients. Always treating everyone equally and it’s easy to see that she truly cares for each and every one of them.
    She is always full of energy and has a smile on her face that the patients look forward to seeing.
    She goes above and beyond not only for the patients, but for her co-workers when they need assistance whether it be work related or not.
    Sarina’s contribution to Foundation is invaluable!

  3. SNH Diabetes and Endocrinology
    I would like to nominate Bonnie Fessenden. Site Manager at Primary Care of Milford.
    Bonnie is always a great resource to any Manager that might have questions about process or need direction with applications. She is a wealth of information, knowledge and experiences to share. She believes in what she does and truly likes helping. I would like to highlight her accomplishments and her willingness to take on a task to completion, not matter what she has going on and to spotlight her practice as one of the great practices of Foundation Medical Partners!


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