Way To Go Manuel & Carey!


Congratulations to the latest High Five SHINE and Daisy Award Winners, Carey Shaw and Manuel Gonzales!

High Five SHINE Award Winner: Carey Shaw, CA NICU/Pedi

Carey recently attended a 4 day car seat certifica-tion course and now joins over 42,000 nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST). The information taught by the National Child Passenger Safety Certification sponsored by Safe Kids Worldwide will be of great benefit to our staff, as well as our patients and their families. She will now be able to pass on the valuable information she has learned so that staff may have the most up to date information in which to educate parents about car seat safety for their infants. Thank you Carey for taking the initiative to give our staff, pa-tients and families the most up to date Car Seat Safety information available.

Daisy Award Winner: Manuel Gonzales, RN, Emergency Services/House Support

On an August Sunday night, this nurse was the charge nurse when a patient came into the ED hav-ing an acute MI. The patient was a single mom in her 40’s and arrived to the ED with her young teen-age daughter. The patient needed immediate inter-vention and the STEMI team was called in. The ED began preparing the patient for cardiac catheteriza-tion which is very involved and can be overwhelming for both the patient and their family. This patient’s young daughter was visibly frightened and unfortu-nately alone until other family members could ar-rive. This nurse took the patient’s daughter aside and calmly explained what was happening. He pro-vided positive reassurance and spoke to her about his own experiences. He never left her alone and ultimately took her up to the pediatrics area to wait for her family to arrive. This nurse went above and beyond to comfort and care for this patient and her young daughter as he is a father himself. I believe he deserves this Daisy award for his compassion and care of this patient and her daughter.

Keep up the great work!