Way to go Kristy Bauer-Trombley!


Congratulations to the latest Foundation Employee of the Month, Kristy Bauer-Trombley, Site Manager at Pepperell Medical Center!

“There are so many reasons why Kristy deserves to be the Foundation’s Employee of the Month, but paramount is that she has created a cohesive team out of many disparate pieces in Pepperell. The atmosphere has changed for the positive. There is laughter heard in the halls where tears had been more prominent in the past. Kristy has endeavored to assemble the best possible team of providers, clinicians and support staff and has hired employees who are competent, friendly and good at their jobs. She has created a team environment that is infectious in the best sense of the word. There is open communication, cooperation and support between staff.

Kristy has managed our practice and Pepperell IC through significant growth and turnover, while improving morale, practice flow and organization. We have witnessed her take on one challenge after another with a smile and a positive attitude. With a busy family practice and immediate care, there are numerous people bustling about any given day. Kristy takes every opportunity to check in with each person, addresses any issues or concerns immediately, and does so with confidence and compassion. We have no idea how she keeps this practice running so smoothly with so many moving parts!

Kristy makes new employees feel immediately comfortable speaking with her about any issue. No matter what she is doing, she will stop to make sure that concerns are addressed. Even if we don’t have any issues, Kristy will check-in to make sure that we are doing well. She is always friendly and helpful — even when it is apparent that she is doing about 50 things at once. Her communication is excellent. There are often last minute schedule changes and somehow she is able to maintain open communication with staff to make sure everyone is aware of changes in the plan. We don’t know how she does it, but Kristy ensures that all staff members are informed and comfortable in their roles.

Overall, Kristy Bauer-Trombley is an exemplary practice manager. She is consistently positive and brings vivacious energy to the office every day. She is easy going, yet ambitious. She is approachable, yet commanding. She is innovative and efficient. She constructs cohesive teams that aim to provide the best service possible. Kristy’s easy-going managerial style drives us to be the best possible employees we can be. We don’t feel pressured to perform, but motivated to do so. She makes the office a pleasant place to come to work and we all feel honored to have her as our Practice Manager.”

Keep up the great work Kristy!