Way To Go Eva Grace Flanagan!


Congratulations to the latest Daisy Award Winner – Eva Grace Flanagan, RN, 4 West!

“Eva was caring for a young gentleman who was being treated for an abscess. The patient had been taking multiple doses of narcotics and IV antibiotics. Without warning, the patient developed a reaction to either the antibiotic or the narcotic. Eva was able to implement her advance knowledge of allergy and anaphylaxis to determine that the patient was not having a mild reaction, but a delayed onset anaphylaxis. She then ensured the patient received the care that ultimately led to a positive outcome instead of what could had been a catastrophic situation. The significant other of the patient later commented at discharge time that it was a “gift from God” that Eva was assigned to the patient at the time of the event and that in their opinion she gave exceptional care that far exceeded what a normal nurse would give. Since this event Eva has worked to provide her peers with the latest guidelines on the treatment of anaphylaxis in an effort to improve the quality of care for all patients at SNHHS.”

Keep up the great work Eva!

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