Way To Go Dustin Muzeroll!


Congratulations to the latest Foundation Employee of the Month – Dustin Muzeroll, Pharmacy Tech, Oncology!

“Dustin is one of our oncology pharmacy technicians and is always going above and beyond his daily responsibilities while continually putting the patients and his colleagues first.  He engages with the patients and tries to learn about them and their hobbies to help make them feel comfortable and less vulnerable in our unique setting. 

If any of us in the clinic mention we need help, even in passing, he is right there trying to help the best way he can and very often finds the answer or leads us in the right direction.  He genuinely respects each one of his colleagues and is very in tuned with the staff.

Dustin not only is an enormous help to our pharmacy by making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible but to the entire clinic.  Most recently the clinic had a plumbing issue where water was leaking in front of the check-in window before patients were beginning to arrive for the day and Dustin immediately alerted the appropriate parties and began cleaning the space while marking off the area so that patients would be safe.  This is only one example of the many where Dustin exhibits dedication to the clinic and exceeds performance standards for the Foundation. 

We feel very fortunate to have him as part of our team and feel that he deserves Employee of the Month.”

Keep up the great work Dustin!