Way To Go Deborah Destefano!


Congratulations to the latest High Five SHINE Award winner, Deborah Destefano, SPD Supervisor!

“Nurses want to thank this Deb Destefano from SPD for her overall helpfulness. Deb is a subject matter expert with a positive influence and a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of sterile processing. She is a wonderful person who is always willing to go ‘beyond miles’ to help people. She is also generous and giving and always willing to help with all aspects of the job. For example, she was willing to step up and help when a staff member’s personal situation impacted her work hours.

As we know, surgical equipment is vital to patient care and Deb reinforces that by helping staff stay up to date with SPD related updates. She is also a wonderful supervisor who is always looking to improve patient care by teaching SPD staff to keep all instruments in the best shape possible – clean and free of bioburden. She makes us feel safe and ready to go beyond our duty for the patients, always explaining to us the importance of what we do to support excellent patient care and outcomes. Her consistent support for all departments in need of SPD services, her positive energy and her ongoing pursuit of excellence make her the perfect candidate for this award.”

Keep up the great work Deborah!