The Elliot Celebrates Nearly 10 Years of Partnering with Our Community!


Since 2012, the Hooksett Medical Center Team, part of Elliot Health System, has dedicated their outstanding care to the employees at GE Aviation in Hooksett. The medical center team primarily supports GE Aviation Hooksett personnel, which is made up of about 800 employees.

The Hooksett Medical Center Team works at the Hooksett sites and has offices in both plants where they treat GE Aviation employees and assist them with any concerns they may have with their health. Their hours are 6 am to 6 pm so that they are available for all three shifts.

Their priority has been to provide work- and non-work-related medical services to the employees at GE Aviation. Just some of the routine tasks they normally complete include medical surveillance exams, vision and hearing exams, forklift exams, and more.

But, since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the team has dealt with new challenges daily at GE Aviation. The Hooksett Medical Center Team has helped provide important information about the disease to employees at the plants and have helped relieve concerns and reduce stress. They have also helped guide employees through potential exposures, treatment, and testing, and assisted with absences related to COVID-19. Their dedication has helped GE Aviation maintain a healthy work environment throughout the pandemic.

“I cannot imagine having to cope through the pandemic without Steve Foster and this awesome team. They are professional, personable, empathic, and give 110% to the care for our team members for both work-related and personal needs. We are extremely blessed to have these fabulous caring people supporting our employees,” Whitney Wisely, HR Leader of GE Aviation in Hooksett, says.

GE Aviation is an essential business and has been open throughout the entire pandemic. Thanks to precautions taken by the Hooksett Medical Center Team and staff at the plants, there have only been 32 positive cases at the plant since the pandemic started.

“We’ve been very fortunate with the employees taking seriously the need to be proactive and protecting themselves and their families by doing what is necessary, and the adjustments that management has made as far as work schedules and work areas, etc., and initiating all of the layers of safety,” Steve Foster, Team Lead of the Hooksett Medical Center Team, explains.

Foster says the team’s greatest reward is that they can get to know their patients and employees and understand their needs, wishes, and goals regarding their health care and wellness.

We’re proud to partner with our community to provide these services. A big thank you to the Hooksett Medical Center Team for all their hard work!