I just want to give

    SNH Medical Center

    I just want to give a Shout out to all the healthcare workers in this hospital, especially to our X-RAY Technologists and Radiology team! They may work behind the scenes, but it’s important to let them know their contributions are seen and appreciated. With our current situation in our country, this amazing technologists are working more than ever in the front line to accomplish their jobs in a very safe and accurate manner. I have seen them work in stressful situations and still having the ability to work together with such a professionalism and great attitude. In the middle of these unprecedented and trial times they are kind and respectful towards each other. They work as team, taking turns doing the next patient without hesitation to share a fair workload and exposure. These are very caring people that I’m so grateful to know and work with them!
    You are all my heroes!
    Stay strong and safe!