Staff Supporting Staff


Our community is supporting us in numerous ways, from notes of encouragement and generous donations, to, most importantly, making efforts to flatten the curve. They aren’t the only ones expressing their gratitude, however! Teams throughout our system have come up with special ways to show their appreciation for their colleagues during these challenging times.

At Southern, Food Services prepared and delivered cupcakes to everyone working in the Medical Center as a token of their appreciation. If you’ve ever had a cupcake at Southern, you know what a treat this is!

Meanwhile, at Elliot, the NICU staff had a wonderful surprise for their comrades in the ICU:

“This is a view from room 3 in our ICU up to [the NICU on the fifth floor]. It was so touching and even brought some of my staff to tears to see such support. Our Elliot family is something we all love. We have always known that the support is there, but then seeing this makes it more real. We really appreciate from the bottom of our hearts the kind gestures. It’s so appreciated, and I thought it may bring warmth to others to see this in a time where every day can be a challenge.”

Have your colleagues gone out of their way to support you and your team? Let us know using the Share with Us option and we’ll give them a shout out!