Staff Share Their Experiences on the Front Lines with SolutionHealth President and CEO Sherry Hausmann


Recently, SolutionHealth President and CEO Sherry Hausmann and Chief Medical Officer for Acute Care Services Kevin Desrosiers, MD, MPH, rounded in the ED, ICU, CICU, TJU, and multiple other units at the Elliot. They also toured the Fleming Dining Room and Conference Center, which are currently set up as patient care areas should a surge in COVID-19 patients occur.

Lisa Krebs, RN, MSN, CNL, Clinical Manager for the Elliot’s Intensive Care Unit, had the opportunity to speak with Hausmann and share her experiences on the front lines. “Sherry was positive and supportive of the work we are doing. She got to see some of the ingenuity that helped us provide better, safer care over the last couple of months. We always like seeing her!” says Krebs.