SolutionHealth Podcast: Elliot Health System Offers Treatment for Chest Wall Deformities


Chest wall deformities can have different appearances, but they are something that can have a major impact on a child’s self-esteem and raise concerns for parents.

Parents typically notice that their child’s breastbone, at the center of the chest, either sinks in quite a bit or it sticks out. Sometimes it is very obvious and sometimes it is extremely subtle.

At The Elliot, experts treat children with all different types of chest wall deformities. The most common one is pectus excavatum–a condition where the breastbone sticks in. The second most common is pectus carinatum–where the breastbone sticks out. There are also more rare chest wall deformities, such as Poland Syndrome or slipping rib syndrome and sternal defects.

To help parents better understand chest wall deformities in children, Meghna Misra, MD, MS, FACS, a pediatric surgeon at Elliot Health System, discusses treatment options and recovery times in a new podcast.