SolutionHealth Experts Remind Families That Pediatric Appointments Are Still Important


Providers across SolutionHealth are reminding families that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you should not be putting off visits to the doctor’s office.

Dr. Donald Salvatore, who works in pediatric medicine at Elliot Health System, and Dr. Candice Camacho, who works in internal and pediatric medicine at Southern New Hampshire Health System, both want parents to know you can get the same safe and effective care you always have.

“We are offering parents the option of telephone and video visits, but if kids need to be seen in the office we are taking extra steps to make sure that it’s a safe, clean environment for our patients,” Dr. Salvatore said.

Both doctors agree, many times acute symptoms can be initially managed at home, but sometimes they require an in-office appointment. “If parents have questions about if their child should be seen for routine or other appointments, or have concerns about illness, please call your pediatricians office,” Dr. Camacho explains. 

They are reminding parents that while we are social distancing, vaccines are still very important for your children as they can help prevent other infections or diseases. “It is still important to make sure kids stay up to date on their vaccinations to help keep them as healthy as possible,” Dr. Salvatore said.

“Some of these illnesses that they are immunized against are very contagious and can have significant morbidity and even mortality (measles, pertussis/whooping cough, strep pneumonia). Without keeping up with vaccines there could be a resurgence of these illnesses which could cost more lives,” Dr. Camacho cautioned. 

Annual physicals are also an important appointment that shouldn’t be skipped. It gives the medical provider the opportunity to assess a child’s overall health and make sure they are up to date on their immunizations. Dr. Salvatore says, “At these visits we check to make sure kids are growing and developing, doing well in school, eating right, and leading healthy lives. It also gives parents and kids an opportunity to ask questions.”

Dr. Camacho says these appointments can also help providers. “We often pick up on things like true speech delays, development issues, and autism spectrum for kids.”

Both providers say the most important thing for parents to know is that their child’s provider is still available and accessible. “Parents should not ignore any symptoms or other concerns that they have about their kids,” Dr. Salvatore said.

Dr. Camacho concurs. She explains, “We pediatricians are here for you and your families, we are your partners in staying healthy and protecting your families.”

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