SolutionHealth Celebrates Our EMS Professionals During National EMS Week


This week is National EMS Week. Join us as we celebrate all the hard work and dedication of our EMS professionals across SolutionHealth.

New Hampshire’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system is made up of 300 career and volunteer agencies with 5,478 licensed EMS professionals. Each year, these dedicated men and women respond to over 250,000 calls for service to the citizens and visitors of the Granite State.  The NH EMS community is known nationally for progressive, evidence-based emergency care and are highly trained to care for the most critically ill and injured patients. 

“During EMS Week, we take a moment to shed light on the hard work and dedication that these providers give to our communities.  They are literally a phone call away from being at your front door minutes later,” states Mike Kelley, Elliot Hospital’s EMS Coordinator.  “This is our time to highlight the year around work they do for all of us.”

“COVID-19 has made everyday activities more challenging for us all, but even more so for EMS. Arriving at a scene with little information, a patient and family in distress, and the inner need to get in to help them put our EMS providers at high risk every shift. Yet they do it every day for their communities. Some even volunteered to work in harder-hit areas like NYC, Boston, and in NJ. Please know our appreciation of you is constant and a celebration will be held when we can be together again.  Thank you for all you do for us and the community,” says Stacey Carroll, Southern’s Director of Emergency Management and EMS Coordination.

Thank you for your continued efforts and for putting your lives at risk to save our community.

#EMSStrong #heroesworkhere