SolutionHealth Cancer Institute: Nurse Navigators Help Guide Patients and Their Families Through Their Cancer Journey


To help patients and their families navigate their journey through cancer, patients are paired with nurse navigators at the SolutionHealth Cancer Institute.

Nurse navigators are registered nurses who specialize in oncology. They can answer questions, provide information, and help patients make decisions. The nurse navigator can also help coordinate and schedule tests and appointments and talk with their patients’ doctors and other providers to coordinate care and services. They can also connect patients to other supportive programs and services like nutrition, physical therapy, social services, financial assistance, transportation, and community resources.

In this video, Samantha Diaz, a nurse navigator who works at the Solinsky Center for Cancer Care at The Elliot—the Manchester arm of the SolutionHealth Cancer Institute—explains how she helps patients through their journey. Diaz has been a nurse for eight years and a nurse navigator for about four years. She is certified in oncology nurse navigation.