SNHH Chili Cook Off Winners & Participants 2019


SNHH held a chili cook-off on Tuesday, November 12th! The cook-off was open at all SNHH Staff and Providers – below is a list of the 1st – 3rd place winners as well as the People’s Choice winner! All 4 winners are pictured above!

First Place:  Ashley Clement (4-East) Crock Pot #2

Second Place: Cory Kwasniak (Lab) Crock Pot #9

Third Place:  Diane Wright (EVS) Crock Pot #15

People’s Choice:  Eric Kenney (Material Management) Crock Pot #1

Appreciation Awards:

Crock Pot #5 – Melissa Martin (Medical Staff Office)

Crock Pot #6 – Kelley Carlson (FMP Pulmonary)

Crock Pot #7 – Beth Sheehan (DSRIP Integration)

Crock Pot #8 – James Hollister (Radiology)

Crock Pot #10 – Faith Gilbride (Radiology)

Crock Pot #11 – Erica English (Lab)

Crock Pot #12 – Jeannette Harrington (Rehab)

Crock Pot #13 – Amy Sawyer (Rehab)

Crock Pot #14 – Darlene Burton (FMP)

Congratulations to all! Additional photos from the event are below!