Shoutouts! Week 2


SO many of us have been witness to or beneficiaries of the amazing collaborations and individual and collective efforts to reshape our system’s operations and functions in response to COVID-19.

From the “round the clock” assistance of IT to engineering, safety and security teams who have helped with signage and redirecting patients and visitors.

The collaborations between providers, IT and our operational leaders and business teams that have stood up telehealth in record time – to assure patient care can continue.

If you have stories or acknowledgments to share, please submit your entry via the Share with Us option. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to highlight the contributions and efforts across our organization as we rise to meet the current challenge.

“As I’m home from recovering from yet another surgery I wanted to share some thoughts. The staff at SNHMC has been phenomenal!! They are on the front lines of the virus and you could see precautions being taken. Are they worried yes! That didn’t affect the care they provided.

I have thanked each and everyone for their service in the time of crisis. The overwhelming majority tell me they are working because it needs to be done. It’s their job. […] Preop services were very comforting and caring. The 3rd-floor staff is amazing. Friendly and professional and caring. Room service went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Housekeeping kept everything clean with attention to detail. The fact that they are putting my care over their health is overwhelming.

Thank you for making me feel safe and cared for.
Tremendous respect for all of you.
Medical professionals need a shout out!!”

– Recent SNHH patient on Facebook

‘I’d love to put a big shout out to my coworkers who do the screening as people come into the ED in the front lobby… Amazing people. I’m currently working with people that normally work in a sleep study, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and I am a massage therapist… They are screening people as they come into the lobby or the ED. Asking each individual questions and taking their temperatures. Their adaptability, patience, and positive attitudes make it such a pleasure to work with all of them…It’s been such an honor getting to know all of them considering many of us come from many different locations…”

– Shawna, EHS

“[I’d like to acknowledge] some of our great phlebotomists that show up to work every day. These employees are the front line and come to work every day to help patients and make a difference.”

– Michele Chakas, SNHH Laboratory Services

“I would just like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for our House Supervisors for rising to the occasion several times recently. Over the past several nights, Manny, Sara Bailey, and Cheryl have been consistently helping us night shifters with supplies for procedures, answer all kinds of questions and offer support to our nurses and staff. I am so happy to be a part of this team!”

– Kelly Decalogero, APRN, SNHH ICU

“I have always been so proud to be a part of this organization but now more than ever. Witnessing all of us come together to create the culture that we are all one team across both campuses is exciting as well as moving. I feel both honored and privileged to stand next to all of you to ensure we are supporting our frontline teams, both clinical and non-clinical, to deliver exceptional healthcare to patients, especially during this unprecedented time. Our ability to be agile, creative and patient is what will help shape how we operate and support one another to create the future of our healthcare system. You are not alone as we are truly all in this together, no matter what campus you sit at or what position you hold, WE are SolutionHealth.”

– Dave Chiappetta, SolutionHealth Administration