Shout Outs: Week 3!


SO many of us have been witness to or beneficiaries of the amazing collaborations and individual and collective efforts to reshape our system’s operations and functions in response to COVID-19.

From the “round the clock” assistance of IT to engineering, safety and security teams who have helped with signage and redirecting patients and visitors.

The collaborations between providers, IT and our operational leaders and business teams that have stood up telehealth in record time – to assure patient care can continue.

If you have stories or acknowledgments to share, please submit your entry via the Share with Us option. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to highlight the contributions and efforts across our organization as we rise to meet the current challenge.

“Thank you to the housekeeping, maintenance, and food/nutrition services who work hard EVERY day, but now with added protocols to keep the machine running.”
– Anonymous

“I’d like to thank the Shipping and Receiving Staff for all they are doing to keep supplies organized and delivered!! I experienced first hand how busy they are during the delivery of equipment to deNicola! It’s a fast-paced environment and yet they manage to be efficient, helpful and their smiles are visible even through their masks! I worked primarily with Luann and John but can attest that this same dedication is evident in all the staff. Thanks for everything you do to keep us going!”
– Elaine Lavallee

“A huge thank you to Tim Bailey of Elliot Plastic Surgery for standing up temperature screening and mask distribution at River’s Edge in two days’ time! Also, a thank you to the front line staff who volunteered to be the face of Elliot, greeting everyone with a warm welcome every morning during these challenging times.”
– Keri Grande

“Thank you to Brittany Modrak and her brother who gave us 5 bags full of safety glasses. There was enough to give every staff member on Fitch, CICU, Fuller, ICU, and ED their own dedicated pair. Her brother works at Raytheon in Andover who funded the donation! Thank you!”
– Sharon Kostansek

“At Merrimack Medical Center, staff are going above and beyond to ensure every member of the staff is well enough to care for patients and prevent community spread of COVID-19. Embedded Care Coordinator Diane Blanchette has taken on the task of screening each employee entering the practice daily. She asks questions about how they are feeling and takes their temperature. To make it all happen, Blanchette has set up a mobile station with supplies like thermometers, gloves, wipes, masks, brown bags for storing masks and more. She warmly greets each employee and maintains a binder with documentation. She even plays soothing music to start everyone’s day off on the right foot. Thank you for helping keep our staff and our community safe!”

– Julie Hansen