Security Awareness Scavenger Hunt – Enter for a Chance to Win!


It’s time for our next ‘Security Awareness Scavenger Hunt‘ right here on HQ! One winner will be chosen (each month) and will receive a SNHHQ Store voucher good for a product of their choosing!

Each month, the topic and questions will change based on the Security Awareness Newsletter.

The March issue of the Security Awareness Newsletter is all about Privacy, PII, & ID Theft!

How do you prevent data breaches at work? What do you do if your personal data is involved in a breach? Is it possible to maintain privacy in a constantly connected world so immersed in technology? In this issue, we address these questions and uncover solutions for maintaining security at work, at home, and on the go. It begins with a field guide to PII, continues with five steps for preventing identity theft, and ends by identifying the most common causes of data breaches—all while highlighting the non-technical, human side of protecting data!


To enter, simply fill out the answers to the questions below and click submit!

Make sure to check back in to HQ to see if you’re a winner and stayed tuned for our next scavenger hunt coming in April!