Schwartz Round—“Managing Through the COVID-19 Marathon”


Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, it has forced us to make many changes and adjustments both personally and professionally. This includes managing how Elliot Health System will provide Schwartz Rounds on Friday, November 20, 2020. While we recognize the value that these rounds can provide during this time, the presentation must be a bit different to keep our employees safe.

To support appropriate social distancing, and minimize gatherings of individuals, we will be holding these rounds virtually, with sessions over the course of the day. There will be three sessions over the course of the day at 7 am, 12 noon, and 4 pm.

Conference call in lines have been set up for people to attend via conference call. The Call in number for all sessions will be : 603-480-5481 

Meeting number for each of the sessions is as follows:          

  • 7 am Session – 358 506 068
  • 12 pm Session – 843 910 832
  • 4 pm Session – 710 217 489

Staff participating in the presentation will kick off the discussion of the challenges Elliot Health System has faced during the COVID-19 marathon and ways they are finding to keep on running.

Please set aside time to join the conversation on November 20, 2020.