Ryder Hospital in Puerto Rico Needs Our Help


Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico over one month ago however the crisis has only just begun. Roughly 79% of the island is still without power and nearly 1 million Puerto Rican’s lack access to clean drinking water.

In an effort to help with the devastation in Puerto Rico, Southern New Hampshire Health has adopted Ryder Memorial Hospital in Humacao, Puerto Rico. We are currently working with Ryder to identify needs and supplies for the Hospital and employees.

Additional details will be posted in the coming week on how you can help support Ryder Memorial Hospital.

Below are a few photos showing the current devastation at Ryder and in Humacao.



  1. Security
    This is truly great to see! My mom just got back from a 47 Day deployment with FEMA to Puerto Rico last Friday and she said the devastation is horrible, people were bathing and drinking dirty water, and the roads were still undrivable at times. She also said that it rains so badly that it comes down sideways and you can not see, and it had caused rivers running down roads.

  2. Nuclear Medicine
    Wow! I read this and truly bring tears to my eyes. So many emotions..
    Thank you for doing this SNHHS. My family lives in PR and the devastation has been horrendous. There is no water, electricity, food and communication still really hard in many parts of the island. People are dying and suffering, specially the elderly, the sick and the children. Everyone is trying to survive with the little things they have left.

    After almost 20 days with no communication with my elderly parents and family, I was able to bring my parents this weekend to the states for medical care. I’m very thankful for that! But for the rest of the family and people in the island that are still suffering, due to road destruction and rivers that keep overflowing, making communication impossible, my heart goes to them. Even food and medicine is really hard to get for these people.

    If there any way that I can help with this, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    There is no words to express my gratitude. Thank you for being kind and providing aid above and beyond for PR!



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