Reminder: The Welliot Fitness Centers at River’s Edge and Elliot Hospital Are Open!


If you’ve been missing your daily workout, the Welliot Fitness Centers at both River’s Edge and Elliot Hospital are open!

Please keep in mind, renovations are being made at the  Welliot at Elliot Hospital, so we are only able to use the group exercise space at this time. When renovations are complete, we will open the main facility.

Please be aware, COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the state of New Hampshire, the CDC, and Elliot Health System are in place. Please review the Welliot guidelines before visiting.

At this time, the Welliot at Elliot Hospital is only open to employees during the hours we are staffed. To join, please complete the waiver on the Welliot website on IKE. The Welliot at River’s Edge is open to non-employees for a membership. If you know any non-employees interested in joining, please have them call the Welliot at River’s Edge at 603-663-4200.


We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. We are excited to be able to continue to offer fitness services to our employees. Please make sure you are following our guidelines for your safety and the safety of others and so we can continue to offer these valuable services.

Welliot at River’s Edge

Welliot at Elliot Hospital