Remind Your Aging Patients to Stay Active!


Physical activity is an important part of everyone’s overall health, but, as people get older, they may think they should stop exercising and resign to their cozy couch. But, think again!

Research shows that exercise, even if it’s later in life, can support overall health and well-being as it helps prevent or even reverse disease and disorders that can begin to occur as people get older.

Recently, Masooma Athar, MD, CMD, Medical Director for Senior Health Primary Care and Section Chief of the Department of Geriatrics at The Elliot, spoke to New Hampshire magazine about the benefits related to physical activity at any age. She says she frequently and often readily sees the difference between patients who exercise and those who don’t. “I’ll have, say, a 90-year-old walk into my office and they will look like they’re in their 80s,” she says. “As they get older, they’re physically more fit, and they tend to have fewer medical issues as a result. I see that all the time in my practice.”

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