Recognizing One of Our Amazing Health Care Heroes!


Please join us in thanking Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno for her incredible hard work and dedication on behalf of Southern New Hampshire Health patients!

Dr. Martinez-Adorno was featured by New Hampshire-based Lumina Portraits for her continued efforts. Speaking to the photography company, Dr. Martinez-Adorno opens up about working during the pandemic:

March 16th, 2020. All practices ordered to close. All surgeries that were elective had to be postponed or rescheduled based on urgency. On this day, I deployed from my busy OB/GYN office to help run the Surgical Services response to COVID-19 at the hospital. We created workflows to keep staff and patients safe with and without COVID-19. We worked through a new process for sanitation of PPE should critical supply shortages occur. All the while, babies didn’t care about a pandemic. So, we developed safety protocols to keep our moms and babies safe, established COVID-19 testing for preoperative patients, and labor and delivery patients. We made every effort to keep our patients and our staff safe.

It was a huge team effort that made me proud to be a member of SolutionHealth and more personally Foundation Medical Partners and Southern New Hampshire Health.

Remember to love your neighbor. It’s our ability to band together as a community in love and respect regardless of race, creed, or economic position that will allow us to weather this storm together and come out on the other end safely.Thank you Lumina Portraits for recognizing one of our health care heroes!