PCS High Five Award Winner!


Congratulations to Michael Reynolds, Food Services, on being the winner of the November PCS High Five Award! Keep up the good work Michael!

“This story was brought forward to me by a patient’s husband.  On Thanksgiving Day, while his wife was hospitalized in the ICU, this man went down to the kitchen to get his Turkey dinner.  Michael was working the line and when this gentleman began ordering his food, he was joking around with Michael stating “I don’t see any skin on the turkey.”  Michael immediately began joking with the man about having no skin on the turkey and even being silly stating “we ate it all.”  The man laughed and had his lunch and returned to his wife’s bedside in the ICU. Later that evening, he returned to the cafeteria to get dinner. When he entered the cafe, Michael went into the back room and then brought out a small bowl of the turkey skin and gave it to the gentleman.  He told him “I was hoping to see you, I was saving this for you.”  The patient’s husband was so touched by this gesture, he immediately told me about it.  It made him laugh because they had been joking about it, but it also was extremely kind and a very nice gesture for someone who had to spend Thanksgiving in the ICU with his wife rather than at home with his family.  I think Michael should be commended for making this man’s day and bringing a smile to his face when things weren’t very cheerful. Great Job Michael!”