Part 3: New Hampshire Magazine Recognizes Patty Roncone, Clinical Teacher in the NICU at Southern New Hampshire Health


SolutionHealth is proud to have four nurses recognized and honored by New Hampshire Magazine, in partnership with the New Hampshire Nurses Association, with their Excellence in Nursing Awards. These awards recognize nurses who go above and beyond to comfort, heal, and educate our patients.

Another recipient of this year’s award is Patty Roncone, RN, BSN, Clinical Teacher in the Special Care Nursery at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. She was awarded the Maternal-Child Health Nursing award.

New Hampshire Magazine Write-Up on Roncone:

Great educators know that learning never ends. After 28 years in a NICU/Special Care Nursery, clinical teacher and nurse Patty Roncone says she still learns something new every day at work. Her drive to continue her professional growth comes from wanting the very best for her patients. “I want to be the type of nurse that I would want to care for my own family and loved ones,” says Roncone.

Her original plan to become a midwife changed right out of nursing school when she was offered a full-time position in a NICU. It was there she “fell in love with the privilege of caring for premature infants and their families. It was divine intervention and I have never looked back.”

Empathy, she says, is one of the key traits for someone in her specialty. “Having an infant in the NICU or Special Care Nursery is often times a scary and overwhelming time that should have been happy and joyful,” she says. “Most families did not even dream that they might find their baby requiring intensive or special care. Having empathy helps you connect and build a relationship with the families of the infant you are caring for.”

Inspiration comes both from a role as an educator and from her patients, who she calls “amazingly resilient.” Watching patients grow from such early adversity into healthy, thriving children is “why we do what we do,” she says. “To help families cope and become competent caretakers of their infants with our guidance in the beginning.”

The 2020 recipients were announced in New Hampshire Magazine’s June 2020 issue and celebrated during a virtual award ceremony in November. Read the complete list of recipients and watch the virtual awards ceremony here.

Please join us in congratulating Roncone on her award!