Over the Edge Rappelling Team Update!


Thank you to all of the brave employees who volunteered to join the SNHH Over the Edge Team and participate in a friendly competition to raise funds for Behavioral Health!

Due to the number of volunteers, we held a lottery and are pleased to announce the final Over the Edge team (pictured above):

  • Amanda Dyment
  • Laura Hulen
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Joseph Leahy
  • Sarah McGhee
  • Paul Miller
  • Dan Riviere
  • Tim Scherer
  • Erik Dellea (not pictured)
  • Beth Trapani (not pictured)
  • Darlene Sullivan (alternate)
  • Kerrie Caron (alternate)

Want to support our team of rappellers? Click here to learn how! All proceeds benefit the SNHH Behavioral Health Unit.

Thank you again to all volunteers!