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It’s Open Enrollment Time!

This is the time to review your benefits plan and select your plans and enroll. Even if you are opting out of certain coverage, there are still a lot of perks as an employee and you must log-in to and opt-out (or opt-in), so please don’t forget to do this before the November 15 deadline! There is a lot of detailed information on the Pulse, but we’ve pulled out some exciting highlights for you for our 2018 benefits plans. This is by no means inclusive, just a few things we noticed:

4 Key Highlights to our 2018 Benefits Plan

  1. Health insurance premiums and deductibles are NOT changing! This means that there is no added expense unless you choose a different plan. Yay!!!

2. Dental insurance premiums are also NOT changing! For the 5th consecutive year, the employee share of premiums remains the same. In addition – the orthodontic coverage in the Plus Plan will have an increase in the lifetime maximum benefit to $1,500 from $1,000! That’s worth smiling about!

3. Vision premiums are also NOT changing and UV lens enhancement will be an included benefit in 2018! UV protection blocks harmful UV rays—who doesn’t need that!?

4. And our favorite – we can now purchase…..Pet Insurance! Coverage is available for cats, dogs, avians (fancy word for birds, FYI) and exotics (sounds pretty!)

Learn more and enroll on the Pulse!