Meet the Artists Behind Walls of Hope – Part 1


As part of Southern NH Health’s GIVE HOPE initiative, we have partnered with local artists to create ‘Walls of Hope’, inspirational paintings, that convey a sense of hope to patients and visitors of our Behavioral Health Unit.

Below are three of our community artists who submitted inspirational pieces of artwork to support Walls of Hope, with a goal of giving hope to those in need of healing.

Learn more about this initiative and how you can help Give Hope to those in need or click here to make a donation today!

Amy Janine Coleman, “Never Alone”

“There is always light in the darkest of times. It’s not always easy to see. But if you are able to break free from your thoughts, you will be able to experience the splendor of life, especially in nature. Look up at the majestic star lit sky and allow it to envelope you with love. The embrace is like no other.”

Emma Jacobs , “In Her Skin”

“The hope is to inspire patients to let their true colors shine, not to worry about the stigmas of society. Inspired by my passion for a stigma-free society, anti-diet culture, and the belief that we should all be free to be ourselves, as we are 100% of the time.”

Lisa K. Salerno, “Rise. Bloom. Become.”

“I chose to paint a phoenix, a lotus and a butterfly as my symbols of hope for this project. The phoenix (“Rise”), is a bird that cyclically regenerates and is a symbol of rebirth. The lotus (“Bloom”), is symbolic of overcoming obstacles in one’s life as it has to grow through the mud before it can bloom, yet it has risen above the murky waters, untouched by all it went through. The butterfly (“Become”), is a symbol of rebirth and transformation as well as the ability to grow wings after being in a dark place. I painted this piece using the brightest colors possible to express joy in overcoming and brighter days ahead. May it bring joy to many!”

Stay tuned into HQ for more featured artists and information on SNHH’s Walls of Hope initiative!