Meet Adnan, our New Manager of Valet Services


Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is now offering valet service for our patients, and we thought this would be a great time to get to know Adnan, the Manager of Valet Services for the Medical Center. You will be sure to see this friendly face around campus, so let’s get to know Adnan a little better with a fun Q&A.

How long have you worked in the valet industry?
I have worked in the valet industry for over 7 years.

What is the coolest car you’ve ever valeted?
The coolest car I have parked in my valet career would have to be a Maserati or the Tesla Model X.

Is there anything you’d like us to know about the valet service and your team?
The team is very cooperative and we are excited about providing the best service possible for our customers!

How many people work with your team at SNHMC?
We have five members of the team at SNHMC on hand for valet services.

Should drivers tell you anything about their car before you valet it?
Yes, sometimes vehicles may need to be operated in a special way. Informing the valet attendant about anything unique would be best to insure the customer has the best experience possible.

We have to ask because we’re curious and self-conscious, do you ever notice if a car is very messy or clean on the inside?
No, we do not pay any attention to the interior situation of the car and are focused on providing the best experience.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Adnan! Everyone be sure to stop and say hi to Adnan and his team when visiting the front entrance of the Medical Center!



  1. Radiology
    I think this is a great service to provide! We’ve all seen people driving around aimlessly in the parking garage not sure where to park, or disabled patients having a hard time walking across the street. This eliminates the problem for our patients.
    I did notice the other day that one of the drivers was just standing out in the cold. Any way for us to get an outdoor heater for them? 🙂

  2. Call Center
    I think we all know the Valet Service has been valuable to our patients here at Southern. After over a year, we still hear regular compliments about the service, Adnan, and his staff. The valet staff works very hard in some of the harshest conditions to provide exceptional service. On behalf of the Call Center, the valet staff has been a pleasure to work with, and alongside. Thank you to you all, and to our management who has seen and met the need for our patients with a quality team of individuals.


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