Join Elliot Health System’s Decontamination Team This June!


Sign up now! With COVID-19 numbers leveling off, Elliot Health System is recruiting employees to join The Elliot’s Decontamination Team.

The group will learn how to properly decontaminate people who come to the hospital in need of care following exposure to hazardous materials. They will also be trained to use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in practice sessions and during quarterly drills.

Members will also be encouraged to cross-train for the various roles within the team.

The next two-day training session is being held June 28 and 29. This two-day (12 hr.) session will involve both classroom and hands-on training, including a practical exercise on the 29th.

**Please note, for social distancing purposes, the class size is being limited to 25. First come, first serve.

To learn more click here and please contact Kevin Healey or Sue Knowles.