In-Patient Services Director Explains Changes Caused by COVID-19


Healthcare workers across SolutionHealth have been forced to make dramatic changes because of COVID-19, and our staff has taken it in stride.

SolutionHealth’s Carol Long, DNP, MS, RN, CENP, NEA-BC, who serves as Director of In-Patient Care Services at Elliot Health System, says, “The act and art of caring have never been stronger, and nursing has risen in this unprecedented occasion.”

She has been leading the Emergency Preparedness surge plan work in her unit for weeks. Long says, while operations are part of her responsibilities, this pandemic has allowed each leader to rise and use their talents, skills, and knowledge to prepare for a surge in patients.

To prepare for a surge, the unit cross-trained large numbers of clinical and non-clinical staff to the Adult Clinical and Critical Care Units. Staff and patient locations were also rearranged to help meet the needs of patient care. Long says that’s just a few examples of the things In-Patient Care Services has accomplished to be prepared. 

Long says the community and other front line workers have been key to staying motivated and upbeat. “Positive feedback, along with active listening and support, helps motivate the staff,” she says. “Our halls are lined with thank you’s and celebrations of co-workers for the collaboration and cohesiveness the staff has demonstrated during these times.”