In His Own Words: Deploying to NYC During the Height of COVID-19 Pandemic: What it was like


When COVID-19 first arrived in the United States, New York City was one of the hardest hit areas with high infection rates and personal protective equipment (PPE) in short supply.

James Sullivan, DO, board certified neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist at Musculoskeletal Medicine at Merrimack Medical Center, who is also part of the Army Reserves, was deployed during the peak of the outbreak there.

Dr. Sullivan says he received orders to report to a mobilization station just days after President Trump declared a national emergency. Despite his schedule being loaded with meetings and appointments here in New Hampshire, Dr. Sullivan reported for duty.

In a new SolutionHealth podcast, he talks about arriving in New York City, what he did during his deployment, and how he used neuromusculoskeletal medicine to help COVID-19 patients.