Heroes Work Here: Celebrating the Discharge of COVID-19 Patients in a Special Way!


Patients recovering from COVID-19 are celebrated as they leave the hospital

From thunderous applause to cheers, to the echo of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, the staff at Elliot Health System are celebrating the discharge of COVID-19 patients in a special way.

It’s something that Chief Nursing Officer at the Elliot, Martha Leighton, says is bringing hope and boosting spirits for patients and front line workers during this pandemic.

Leighton says ideas for songs went around, but “Here Comes the Sun” was the winner. She says it was the appropriate and uplifting theme the hospital was going for.

“’Here Comes the Sun’ is like a new beginning, you’re going out into the world again and leaving the hospital. It felt like the right combination and people overwhelmingly agreed,” Leighton says. 

 Since the discharge celebrations began on April 16, she says there has been a lot of positive feedback from both patients and staff.

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