Help Improve your Work Environment by Completing the Employee & Provider Engagement Survey!


It’s your chance to provide valuable feedback to the leaders across SolutionHealth! Beginning today through June 1, employees across SolutionHealth have the opportunity to provide feedback through the engagement survey.

Press Ganey will e-mail all employees the link to the survey. All responses go directly to Press Ganey. Comments for units with fewer than five responses will be rolled up to the next leader to ensure confidentiality.

Why should you take the survey? 

  • You’ll be able to provide the organization with valuable feedback and ideas on how to improve the work environment.
  • All feedback is completely confidential!
  • Raffles will be held for employees who participate—details below!

Raffles based on participation:

  • Anyone who completes the survey will be entered into the drawing by Press Ganey
  • 5 iPads will be given out
  • Press Ganey will alert winners

For anyone who needs help or a place to fill out the Engagement Survey there will be support stations at both The Elliot and Southern.

Support Stations Elliot Health System Southern New Hampshire Health
Locations Radiology Conference Room Hudson Conference Room
Dates May 10-June 1
Days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
Times 6 am- 8 am, 11 am- 1 pm, 4 pm- 5 pm

We ask that you complete the survey during your work hours. If that’s not an option, then please mark the time you spend on the survey in your timesheet to make sure you are compensated for the additional time spent on work-related topics.

Help us reach our goal of at least 75% participation!