Girl Scout Works with Elliot Employee to Help Brings Smiles to Patients Faces!


A New Hampshire girl is spreading joy and helping bring smiles to the faces of patients at Elliot Health System’s Outpatient Infusion Center!

Aislinn, a Junior Girl Scout with Troop 60533 in Bedford created smile bags that have little treats to bring a smile to the faces of patients going through infusions. More importantly, she sewed and created stuffed hearts along with a personalized message in each bag. This project was part of Aislinn’s bronze award, which is the highest award in Juniors Girl Scout.

Aislinn’s inspiration for the bags came from her Nana who sadly passed before she was born. Aislinn worked with Susan Plante, a resource nurse in the Outpatient Infusion Center, to make this idea come to life. The pair met in person for the first time during the delivery yesterday, Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

“I wanted to make sure that people going through a really hard time medically and especially now with COVID-19 knew that someone was thinking of them and that the hearts and treats would put a smile on their faces. When a patient is having a bad day or needs a smile, they can hold the heart close and know that someone made that for them in hopes that it could bring a little joy to them,” Aislinn says.

Thank you for being a tremendous inspiration in our community!