Every Moment Counts…Watch Our New SNHH Video


As we launch our redefined core values, the guiding principles of our organization, we wanted to take a moment to show visually, our core values in action. Our new video is a reminder to all of us that everything we do, no matter our role, has an impact on our patient’s experience. Thank you for all that you do for our organization.

Share your “moments” with us! Submit your ideas, feedback, or small moments that matter today at social.media@snhhs.org or comment below!




  1. Quality
    Excellent video. Great “stars”.
    I also really like the tie in with the opening and closing reinforcing how important the little details are.
    This would be great to use for Patient Experience week 4/23-27/2018.
    Kudos to all!

  2. Dietary
    Beautifully done. We all strive hard to give our patients and co-workers a place they feel good about. I have enjoyed my 11 years here that is for sure. The little things matter.

  3. Call Center
    Touching and well-done. As Call Center representatives we along with our department volunteers often create the first impression that many people have when they call or walk through the doors. When we get a smile or a chuckle we’ve done our job. If we can tell someone that yes, they are in the right building and that we can locate their Dr. or their appointment time and no, they aren’t late and we will call ahead for them, we’ve done our job. If we can reassure a shy, uneasy person who doesn’t speak English that we will find them the help they need, we’ve done our job. These are the small moments that make a huge difference.
    Over the years I’ve seen Vice-Presidents and directors give directions or wheel patients to the elevators, or just sit and listen to someone in the lobby. This tells me that the value system comes from the top down.
    I’ve always felt proud to work for this organization.

  4. 4East
    That is a great clip! I liked the music (in addition to everything else). I’m proud to work for the Medical Center because the moments in this video are so sincere. I work with great people. Thank for you everything you do!

  5. ED
    This was a touching video and awesome testimonial of the wonderful organization we work for. The message about ‘the little moments.. the small gestures… and the importance of every interaction’ is evident and clear. No matter your role in this heath system.. dietary, environmental, administrative, nursing, etc… what we choose to do in these opportunistic moments we find ourselves in every day makes ALL the difference. That is SO TRUE! Offering a smile, a hug, an ear to listen, or a hand to hold.. our employees make differences each and every day. I’m proud to call SNHHS my home for the last 17 years.

  6. Pediatrics
    This is my fourth year and it’s a great place to work! My colleagues and I work together and strive to provide the best outcome for our patients. Happy to be part of the culture here at Southern! It’s the little things that mean a lot!

  7. PFS - Interpreter Services
    Great video, very nicely done! LOVE that there was only music and no voice-over!!! I’ve worked here for 6 years, I also choose to receive my health care here. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May, friends & family asked me why I didn’t go to one of the “better,” or bigger, hospitals in Boston. Why – I’m already at the best hospital! There is no where else I wanted to go; my Oncology Team was/is top-notch, SNHHS’s relationship with MGH is a huge bonus, and the bedside manner of the people who cared for me was absolutely fantastic. Now, when I go to my follow-up appointments, I feel like I’m visiting old friends. They helped me get through some of the worst days of my life, and they genuinely care about how I am doing.


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