Enjoy Sunny Days While Staying Protected: Join us for a FREE virtual presentation!


As you spend extended periods outside this spring and summer it is more important than ever to be diligent about sunscreen application to protect yourself from Ultraviolet Radiation from the sun. Not only can it cause premature aging it can also cause Melanoma and other skin cancers. Prevention is key in preventing skin cancer.

Join us for a discussion on sun safety and protecting yourself and your family from the harmful rays of the sun, including sunscreen recommendations and best use. We will also discuss important skin cancer screening recommendations that can help you prevent melanoma and other skin cancers.

This Event is Presented By:

  • Dr. Todd Burdette, Elliot Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Dr. Mollie Maccormack, Foundation Skin Surgery & Dermatology
  • Dr.Christine Kannlers, Northeast Dermatology Associates

This FREE virtual presentation is being held on June 2, 2021, from 6 to 7 pm via Zoom. Preregistration is required. Register now.