Employees at SNHH Recognized with DAISY Award and High-Five SHINE Awards!


Congratulations to four employees at Southern New Hampshire Health who were recently awarded a DAISY Award or a High-Five SHINE Award.

The DAISY Award recognizes nursing staff who provided safe, compassionate care. The High-Five SHINE Award recognizes non-nursing staff that lead by example and provide exceptional service to meet the needs of our patients, families, visitors, providers, and nurses. SHINE stands for Supportive, Helpful, Involved, Nurturing, Excellence. Below, see the winners and read their nominations.

Caption: Michael Nicastro, RN, on 4 East won the November DAISY Award

One night, the ICU RN responded to an RRT on 3 West. The patient needed to be transferred to 4 East for telemetry monitoring related to complaints of chest pain. Unfortunately, the ICU was incredibly busy with a cardiac arrest that got a temporary pacing wire and needed the RRT nurse back. The supervisor was tied up with a pharmacy issue and was unable to leave as well. A call was placed to 4 East and this Nicastro, who was precepting a new nurse, went right down to 3 West with a tele box, took report, and got the patient upstairs so the RRT nurse could return to the ICU. Everyone was so great and worked together to get the 3 West patient where she needed to be and get the RRT nurse back to the ICU. It was nice to be able to make one call and have everyone work together as a team, no questions, no hesitation, all positive attitudes.

Caption: Allison Ohlman, RN, in the Emergency Department won the December DAISY Award

I’ve admired the job this ED nurse does for a while now, but the care and compassion I witnessed tonight prompted me to sit down and nominate her for a DAISY Award. Her elderly  patient was being admitted and his wife was sitting devotedly at his bedside. At time of transport upstairs, the wife was worried about not being with her husband and commented on how long they’d been married. This nurse engaged in banter with them both and spoke positively about the unit he was being moved to and the good care he would receive. Her mannerisms put them both at ease. A few minutes later, she asked the ED paramedic to transport the patient upstairs and stated she would walk the wife out of the department and reassured the patient that she would make sure his wife made it out to the car safely. She then carried all the wife and patient’s belongings while offering her arm to her. She walked her all the way out to the car, while continuing to answer additional questions she asked about her husband’s condition. The visual image of this nurse slowly and kindly walking the elderly lady out of our department while bent over talking to her and helping her was very moving.

Caption: Dottie Dion, CA, on 3 West won the November High-Five SHINE Award

Dottie has expressed such incredible care and compassion for patients. This time, she was ending her overnight shift as I was going into my first shift. When I entered the patient’s room, she had just finished washing and providing care and the patient looked very comfortable. As I was trying to do my job, which wasn’t pleasant for the patient, she continued to hold the patient’s hand and comfort her. It has been a while since that day, but it is very memorable and I still tell everyone about it. This is not the first time I witness such compassion from her, and I am honored to nominate her for this award as she absolutely deserves recognition.

Caption: Brittany Shay, CA, 4 East won the December High-Five SHINE Award

Recently, a patient of 4 East was found by another staff member off the floor. The care team needed some help with this patient, and we knew Brittany was the right person to call. She came to work at 3 am to assist staff and support the safety on our unit. She routinely shows up at just the right moment to get the job done. She’s jovial and caring and we can’t get through most nights on 4 East without her. She excels in her role as Clinical Assistant and does so with a funny joke and a laugh you can’t forget.