Employee Spotlight: Matt Hankins!


Have you ever had some of the delicious cupcakes that occasionally make appearances in the cafeteria at the Medical Center? We wanted to find out more about these tasty treats and who is responsible for making them – which led us to Matt Hankins of Food Services!

Matt found his passion for baking while working at Crosby’s Bakery, a staple of the Nashua community, before he joined Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. Matt has now been working at the Medical Center for ten years!

Working at the Medical Center is a family affair for the Hankins family as Matt has a sister who works as an ER nurse, and another sister who works in lab services.

Both of Matt’s sisters work the third shift for the hospital and when he bakes cupcakes he sets some aside for the third shift team so they can enjoy a tasty treat in the early hours of the morning. Matt says that he hopes his cupcakes bring a smile to employees who are looking for a snack to keep them going through their shift.

Make sure that the next time you see cupcakes for sale in the cafeteria you indulge in one! And be on the lookout for the salted caramel pretzel cupcake, Matt says that’s his favorite so it must be good!